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Sea of tranquility | Be well Sea of Tranquility is a yoga bookshop that specializes in books,music, and accessories. We serve Studios, Teachers, Students, Non-Profits, and Retail Stores. We sell both retail and wholesale. Heures de boutique. Lundi-Vendredi 11h-18h. Samedi-Dimanche 11h-16h NASA - Mare Tranquillitatis Mare Tranquillitatis 5.28.2010 - The Sea of Tranquility has long captivated astronomers. Once thought to be an ocean on the Moon, its relatively smooth fields of basaltic lavas and equatorial position made it an ideal location for the first manned lunar landing. Tranquility of the Sea Recipe | Canada Dry Tranquility of the Sea. Thyme Alone. Wind Down Spiked Iced Tea. Take-a-Break Iced Tea. Kick Back and Relax Mule. The No-More-Emails Mojito. The Friday Vibes Cocktail.

Jul 28, 2016 · The Sea of Tranquility is a mare on the moon consisting of basalt and it sits within the Tranquillitatis basin of the moon. Hence giving it it's name. This mare has a slightly bluish tint in comparison to everything else thought to be due to the metallic content of the basaltic soil or rock.

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Mare Tranquillitatis (Latin for Sea of Tranquility or Sea of Tranquillity; see spelling differences) is a lunar mare that sits within the Tranquillitatis basin on the Moon. The mare material within the basin consists of basalt formed in the intermediate to young age group of the Upper Imbrian epoch.

Sea of Tranquility. Yes, that’s right. The Sea of Tranquility is not actually a sea, so Neil Armstrong didn’t have to walk on water. In fact, there isn’t a single sea on the lunar surface. The Sea of Tranquility is actually a lunar mare. Now, although the plural of ‘mare’, ‘maria’, is a Latin word that means ‘seas’,... What is the Sea of Tranquility | Encyclopedia.com